Under the ownership of ODAŞ, Çan2 Termik A.Ş. has been operating in the energy industry since 2013.

Located in Yayaköy, in Çan district of Çanakkale province, our power plant has an installed power of 340 MWm /330 MWe and is entirely based on domestic coal (lignite). It has been approved by the Ministry as of August 1, 2018 and started commercial operations.

Considering the current industry conditions, it is aimed to use the most advantageous power generation methods in our plant. Among the power plants that produce electricity with lignite, Çan2 Termik A.Ş. has the highest calorific value in Turkey.

Having switched to stabilized power generation at the end of March 2019, Çan2 Thermal Power Plant is the only thermal power plant with an environmental permit in Turkey which generates power using pulverized combustion technology and local lignite, as certified by the Emission Environmental Permit received on December 6, 2019, thanks to its existing flue gas treatment systems.