Code of Ethics and Social Responsibility

The company has documented these code of ethics and made available to employees. These codes are defined, updated, and published by the Board of Directors. The codes of Çan2 Termik Inc. are aligned with the company's policies and values, and all employees, including managers, are expected to adhere to them. Violence, harassment, and psychological harassment (mobbing) are not allowed in the company. At the same time, necessary measures are taken to prevent any behavior that would disrupt working peace within the framework of the Company's disciplinary regulations and similar internal procedures and laws, and the compliance of the articles in the internal procedures and employment contracts with the legal process is ensured in this context.


Integrity and honesty are the fundamental values we prioritize in all our business processes and relationships.


Discrimination based on age, language, religion, race, health status, gender, and marital status is inconsistent with our company's regulations . Employees have always the right to report any complaints regarding discrimination directly to the Human Resources Department. Preventing the reporting of such complaints is strictly prohibited.


Our employees are required to adhere to the confidentiality principles as outlined by law. The employees of Çan2 Termik Inc., affirm their commitment to safeguarding the confidentiality and privacy of our customers, employees, and other relevant parties and organizations. They ensure the protection of confidential information pertaining to Çan2 Termik Inc.'s operations, utilizing such information solely for the purposes of the company and sharing it with authorized parties as necessary.

Preventing Conflicts of Interest

It is strictly prohibited for any employee of Çan2 Termik Inc., as well as their family members or close relatives , to misuse their position within the company. This includes exploiting company resources, cash, financial incentives, commissions, profits, or contributions, under the guise of giving or receiving bribes. Furthermore, it is unacceptable for employees to engage in inappropriate relationships with individuals or organizations that could benefit from their business decisions or access to confidential information. Employees are expected to prioritize the company's interests in all aspects of their work, refraining from any actions or behaviors that could result in personal gain for themselves or their relatives. A conflict of interest arises when an employee's personal interests clash with those of Çan2 Termik Inc. , or when such a conflict is likely to occur. Instances where an employee derives improper personal benefits from their position are also considered conflicts of interest. Employees are prohibited from deriving personal gain from company operations or using company assets, information, or positions for personal benefit, or engaging in competition with the company. In the course of their duties, Çan2 Termik Inc. employees may only give or accept gifts from various persons, institutions, and organizations, in accordance with the company's internal regulations. Our employees are responsible for safeguarding and ensuring the efficient utilization of company assets, which must be used exclusively for business purposes.