Çan2 Termik A.Ş. leads the sustainable success-oriented strategy of ODAŞ Group in the energy sector. Human resources processes are designed and carried out in a human-centered approach, starting from the selection and placement phase, along with learning and development, wage policy, internal communication, and organizational development activities. Our human resources policies are based on the values of “Agility and Flexibility”, “Transparency and Sustainability”, “Sensitivity to Society and the Environment", and "Focus on Occupational Health and Safety”. 

Our human resources policy focuses on recruiting qualified and eligible people in terms of their job description and compatibility with our corporate culture. It also focuses on developing the knowledge, skills, and competencies of our employees and making systems sustainable that will positively affect employee satisfaction and commitment.

Violence, harassment and psychological intimidation (mobbing) are not permitted. At the same time, within the scope of the Company's disciplinary regulations and similar internal procedures and the legal framework, necessary measures are taken to prevent any kind of behavior that may disturb the working peace. At the same time, the compliance of the articles in internal procedures and employment contracts with the legal process in this context is ensured.